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Mauthausen Translation Wins Prize

The first German translation of Mauthausen by Greek poet, author, and academic Iakovos Kambanellis has been awarded the 2010 Translation Prize by the Austrian Ministry of Education and Arts.

Elena Strubakis, a Greek-Austrian architect and academic, was the translator.

Her work was especially praised by the award committee for the successful adaptation of Kambanellis’ descriptive form of writing and lyricism. Mauthausen, a novel depict-ing Kambanellis’ own experiences in the concentration camp by the same name, was first published in 1965. Considered a literary masterpiece, it has had more than 30 editions in Greek and numerous translations worldwide.

The German edition was published by Ephelant House, and is accompanied by an album, featuring Mikis Theodorakis’The Ballad of Mauthausen, performed in Greek and Hebrew.