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Lending Library

Have you thought about establishing a lending library at your local church?

No matter how small, a lending library can be a very effective means of serving the public through your local church.

Learning Greek Orthodox Hymns

'Learning Greek Orthodox Hymns' now available at Abbey's Books in the heart of Sydney!

Fantastic news:  Our latest CD-Book publication is now available at Abbey's Language Book Centre right in the heart of Sydney's CBD.

What we are about

What is the role of a new Press in today's world?

Is it to cater for the smallest niche market, in the ever-growing shadow of the world wide web?

Is it to fight a dying battle amidst the plethora of electronic gadgets that seem to say 'internet is in, printed books are out'?

Welcome to our website

St Andrew's Orthodox Press warmly welcomes you to its website.

We hope you will find it both edifying and enjoyable.
Here you will see titles of our published works and upcoming projects.

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